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Ocean Viva Silver on Nova - RTÉ lyric fm


Dublin / Ireland

Bernard Clarke

Sunday 29 may at 9pm >>  Nova on RTÉ lyric fm

Created and presented by the great Bernard Clarke, the show will feature an excerpt of the Sleep in Opera along with tracks by Roger Doyle; Biosphere; Rhys Chatham; Scott Mc Laughlin; Michalis Paraskakis; Maria Korvits; The Quiet Club (Danny Mc Carthy & Mick O'Shea); Christian Fennesz; Aurélie Lierman; Ed Devane; Oscar Bianchi...

Airwaves: 96-99fm / Sky 0165 
Live Stream: www.rte.ie/lyricfm
Replay: http://www.rte.ie/lyricfm/nova/


*****************************Over the last few years Extracts from Echolalia have been played on several Nova shows including and in-depth interview by Bernard Clarke on the 19th 20-00 to 22-00 show (see podcast links)."an interview with Valerie Vivancos centring around her superb Echolalia album from last year. Made, somehow, with only her own voice and Kontakt from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. Wait till you hear it!"    Nova is a weekly program conceived and presented by Irish sound activist/composer Bernard Clarke on RTE lyric. It features the cream of new and old, clasical and avant-garde music. Tweet: @bernardnova 





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