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(((((Sweet Tribology))))) curated by Julia DROUHIN


Hobart / Tasmania

JULIA drouhin; DINAHbird; EMMANUELLE gibello; HANNA hartman; EMMA bugg; LOU conboy; ZOE irvine; JULIE honoré; MISS DESPOINA; MISH meijers; FELICIA atkinson; SALLY ANN mc intyre; NADEGE philippe-janon; SHANNON johnson; CAMILLE antoine; SELENA de carvalho; SARAH washington; ALICE hui-sheng chang; VALERIE vivancos; MAYA bocquet; CAROLA haupt; MAIA urstad; CAT hope; ANNE laplantine; FRIEDA beukenkamp; ANNE-LAURE robin; RACHEL tribout; PIP stafford; SALLY rees; MARIA papadomanolaki; ROSALIND hall; CORALINE janvier; ROSA menkman; ANDREA cohen; TANIA buisse; TRICKY walsh; ELISSA ritson; KATE geck; EVE risser; SABRINA evans; EDITH perrenot...
Can you hear a colour? Can you eat a sound? Dr JuJu Galaxy is the creator of Sweet Tribology: an international radio art project that sees forty women from ten countries create audible records from chocolate. Today, JuJu will treat you to a radiophonic experience in the bowels of the Moorilla winery – complete with a sparkling bar. Ooh la la.
Sweet Tribology will have its premiere in Australia this Sunday at the Mona museum winery in Hobart, Tasmania from 12PM untill 2PM, during the Mona Market.
It will be followed by a Pink Noise Runaway Renegades Fashion Parade with the precious help of Sabio Evans, Rosny College costumes & 6 catwalkers.
I will record sound, take photos and video and add it to the website and keep you posted about it.
Tyga FM, Derwent Valley community radio will broadcast FM the 26 sound tracks from the winery.
House of Anvers in Latrobe sent me 5kg of dark chocolate buttons to make the 26 records. And they have a chocolate museum!
The visual responses on the picture discs will be presented on 13 black music stands.
(((((Sweet Tribology)))))
October 2016
Halle - RadioRevolten2 Festival
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